We are in need of preserving our Mother Nature, So with a intention to produce and supply worldwide the eco friendly products such as Areca Leaf Plates, Areca Leaf Bowls & Cups and Cutlery, Fresh Banana Leaf which will change the habit of using products which is made out of plastic and non degradable materials. Superior quality products Available in various sizes and shapes at reasonable price

We are making the Quality Check inspection for each and every part of the production. We are dealing with both Domestic and international market. Different quality standards are being followed based on the markets (Domestic and international).

Eco-friendly products offered by us :

  • Areca Leaf Plates
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    Areca Leaf Plates

  • Areca Leaf Bowls & Cups
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    Areca Leaf Bowls & Cups<

  • Cutlery
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  • Fresh Banana Leaf
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    Fresh Banana Leaf

Adopting ethical business practices in imports and exports

We are presently exporting our products to discerning marketplaces across Europe, Middle East, USA, UK, Canada, Africa, etc..